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Chapters and Affiliates

The Georgia Council of the Blind consists of several chapters from around the state, as well as members at large who hold no individual chapter memberships. Below is a listing of chapters and links to information about them.

East Georgia Chapter

Georgia Council of the Blind

President, Neb Houston
Contact Phone: (770) 784-0236

1st Vice President, Cecily Nipper
Contact Phone: (770) 786-1551

2nd Vice President, Phil Jones
Contact Phone: 770-713-3306

Secretary, Linda Williams
Contact Phone: 770-365-8182

Co-Treasurers, Ann Wheeler / Linda Cox
Co-Treasurer, Anne Wheeler
Contact Phone: (770) 786-5778
Co-Treasurer, Linda Cox
Contact Phone: (770) 842-2231

Board/President Emeritus: Christine O’Brien
Board Members: Dot Davis and Elsie Aguilar.

Meeting Place:
The East Georgia Chapter meetings are held on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 AM. The meeting place has changed to the Covington First United Methodist Church which is located at 1113 Conyers Street in Covington, Georgia.For more information; please contact Neb Houston at 770-784-0236. Please contact president Neb Houston at (770) 784-0236.


Georgia Council of the Blind
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