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Purpose of Georgia Council of the Blind

Group picture of some GCB membersThe Georgia Council of the Blind is a non-profit consumer organization affiliated with the American Council of the Blind. We strive to elevate the social, economic, and cultural levels of the blind. For over 40 years, GCB has been working toward providing a forum for views of the blind, improving education and rehabilitation, and broadening vocational opportunities for the visually impaired. Peer support is an important part of GCB as it encourages and assists the blind in developing their abilities and potential to become independent and responsible citizens in their communities. Peer support is especially helpful for the newly blind who may be confused or bitter. GCB works hard to educate the public about the problems of blindness and the needs and capabilities of the blind. Cooperation with the public and private institutions and agencies for the blind is encouraged. G C B holds a convention each year at different locations throughout the state. This event offers timely and informative educational programs as well as recreational and social interaction with members and non-members from all over the state of Georgia. GCB activities and programs include: educational programs, legislative action, scholarships, peer support, technology, exhibits, news letters, social activities, and braille.

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What’s happening at GCB?


Georgia Council of the Blind Board Meeting Agenda

April 25, 2015 10 AM

The Center for the Visually Impaired

739 West Peachtree Street

Atlanta Georgia 30308


I. Call to Order President Keith Morris  

Welcome to ACB President Kim Charlson and ACB Board liaison Katie Frederick via phone

II. Invocation Fred McDade, Chaplain

III. Roll Call and Swearing In of Any New Officers Christine O'Brian

IV. 11 AM Art Way, of Way Financial update on Portfolio for GCB Scholarship Fund

V. Secretary's Report Christine O'Brian

VI. Treasurer's Report Marsha Farrow

VII. Adjourn for Lunch 12 Noon-1 PM.

VIII. Finance Committee Report and Budget, Marsha Farrow

VI. Convention 2015 Committee Report, Marsha farrow and Amanda Wilson  

X. Committee Reports

Membership, Amanda Wilson

Technology and Public Relations, Steve Longmire

Constitution and Bylaws, Alice Ritchhart

Legislative, Betsy Grenevitch

Sunshine, Robin Oliver

Awards, Judy Presley

Scholarship, Debbie Williams


Member-at-Large, Timothy Kelly

Georgia Guide Dog Users, Betsy Grenevitch

XI. New Business

XII. Unfinished Business 

XIII. Adjourned

2. 2nd Vice President Fred McDade is also our Chaplain. If you need a word of prayer or just spiritual comfort please feel free to contact him at 706.278.4084.

3. GCB Digest - Please submit your articles to Editor Casey Owens email: or Assistant Editor, Suzanne Jackson email:  

4. Let's Talk GCB is back**Click here for the details.

April Celebrations

"No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow." Alice Walker  

April 11 - Janet Hardin  

April 16 - Linda Cox  

April 19 - Sam Howard, Daniel Myers  

April 25 - Jan Elders  

April 30 - Tercia Standridge  

Brain Teasers

1.1. I can be flipped and broken but I never move. I can be closed, and opened, and sometimes removed. I am sealed by hands. What am I? 

2. I am a mystery. You can find me on this world. I am not an animal, and neither a place, or a person. What am I? 

3. Smaller than four, yet bigger than three, to make it your food, you must add an E. What is it?

**Click here for the answers.

The Technology committee will meet Thursday March 19 at 8:30, the phone number is 1.605.475.4000 and the PIN is 422822. All are invited to attend and bring your ideas.

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