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Purpose of Georgia Council of the Blind

Group picture of some GCB membersThe Georgia Council of the Blind is a non-profit consumer organization affiliated with the American Council of the Blind. We strive to elevate the social, economic, and cultural levels of the blind. For over 40 years, GCB has been working toward providing a forum for views of the blind, improving education and rehabilitation, and broadening vocational opportunities for the visually impaired. Peer support is an important part of GCB as it encourages and assists the blind in developing their abilities and potential to become independent and responsible citizens in their communities. Peer support is especially helpful for the newly blind who may be confused or bitter. GCB works hard to educate the public about the problems of blindness and the needs and capabilities of the blind. Cooperation with the public and private institutions and agencies for the blind is encouraged. G C B holds a convention each year at different locations throughout the state. This event offers timely and informative 

GCB News…

What’s happening at GCB

1. The next GCB board meeting will be January 16, 2016 at the main Atlanta Fulton County Library located at One Margaret Mitchell Square, Atlanta, GA 30303.
2. You can call in and listen to news and announcements by phone. The new announcements will be posted in this mail box on Mondays. Please use the following Phone Number to listen to announcements. The phone number is 1-641-715-3900 and the pin number is 382293 pound. Please contact Betsy Grenevitch at 770-464-0450 or via email

3. GCB Digest - Please submit your articles to Editor Casey Owens email: or Assistant Editor, Suzanne Jackson email:  

4. GCB Proposed Constitution and Bylaws Amendments Vote Results:
Yes - 111 No - 21

GCB 4th  Quarter Birthdays & Anniversaries
"Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all." _Helen Keller
3. Maquatia Dutton, Chavous
4. Martha Craig
6. Sheila Chavous
8. Robin Oliver
10. Grady Coursey
16. Tom Cook
17. George Barton
17. Happy Anniversary Scott & Bronwyn Rummery
19. Ted Brackett
"One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it's worth watching."_Gerard Way
1. Geraldine Epps
3. Rebecca Cowen-Story, Brent Reynolds
7. Lana Carter
14. Jacqueline Burkes
18. Ron Burgess
19. Suzette Woods
27. Melvin Turner, Steve Longmire
"We're so busy watching out for what's just ahead of us that we don't take time  to enjoy where we are." Bill Watterson
1. Jimmie Burkes
3. Carolyn Dillard, Alicia Morris
18. Neal Hardin
20. Ron Worley
24. Happy Anniversary Chris & Sheila Chavous
26. Audra Morris
29. Benita Peek

Brain Teasers
October 12, 2015
When I left I didn't know where I was going; when I got there I didn't know where I was; when I returned I didn't know where I had been. Who was I? 
October 18
Two spies want to get in an enemy's military base.In order to get in they have to give the correct countersign to the guard at the gate after he gives them the sign. So they wait hidden nearby the gate so that they will overhear the countersign from another soldier. 

One soldier comes and the guard gives the sign: "6".The soldier answers "3".The guard lets him pass. Another soldier comes.The guard says "12" and the soldier gives the answer "6".The guard lets him pass. So, the first spy goes at the gate and the guard asks says "10".The spy, sure that he knew the answer as he was, says "5". Immediately, the guard shoots him dead. 

Then the other spy, who saw that the other spy was killed when he gave the countersign, had now understood what the right answer would be, whatever the guard's sign was.So, he walks to the gate and the guard says "8".The spy gives the correct answer and the guard lets him in. What was the answer that the spy gave?

**Click here for the answer.

The Technology committee will meet Thursday March 19 at 8:30, the phone number is 1.605.475.4000 and the PIN is 422822. All are invited to attend and bring your ideas.

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